Saturday, April 18, 2009



a wedding day and a special ceremony that occurs for a moment would be special and memorable for a couple as well as the whole family.
A wedding date has been decided for a long time before a couple a young man and woman commit one another to enter a marital life time. Of course before a wedding day, they have passed the engagement moment. Those days, even those months, between the engagement and the wedding moment have been a relative long time for those two people and the family to consider everything towards the special day. During those day and those months, each of the couple has to reflect intensively whether they will pass through seriously to the D-day of a wedding ceremony.
This frame of love should be the ideal one, of course. Nowadays, we see that the vow to be faithful to each other does not last long as it should be. So a young couple has to accomplish themselves with so many social and psychological aspects to build the marriage the everlasting one.They have to prepare themselves seriously before they hand in hand pass along the isle on the wedding day. The wedding ceremony is the portal to go through a happy marriage that builds a happy family.
The main condition for success in passing the wedding moment is the capability to understand one another. The sound mutual understanding will be the stonehenge of loving and caring for his / her life partner. So the loving memory of a wedding day will be boredom and soon forgotten if the stonehenge being pushed and kicked to broken pieces. The following days will be the forgotten ones. How about the consequences of a broken marriage to a broken family? What kind of pain will burden the members of the family? the father, the mother and mostly the children? Where does the loving scent of love that flared on the bright wedding day go?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Valentine's Baby Birth

There's are so many babies birth every time, every day and every second! The first birth of the baby is the special moment for every couple.
Two years ago, my niece was born in a very special day, February 14th, 2006 as we called as Valentine Day, the day that symbolized of love. What a surprise moment when I saw the rooms in the hospital are full of roses and for the babies that born in Valentine Day got a music box of Mozart. For almost a week, I accompanied my little niece with her parents. She was so cute, a little angel that coming to this world. The Mommy was ill, because of the Caesar Operation. I was the only aunty that coming from Far West just for my niece. After the baby went home, so many presents and Valentine cards and booklet flowers in front of the house. Pink color was so dominant in baby's room. Many heart pictures in various shapes on the wall. At that time, the music box, a gift from the hospital is heard in baby's room. The baby wanted to see and looking for the sound of music box, however as we know, the baby could not see at all for almost 40 days. The gestures of her hands signed that she was so happy to hear the music box of Mozart. Suddenly, one of the guests that coming at that time played the violin, he played th Lullaby's instrument repeatedly until the baby slept well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hadirnya Pelangi

Keindahan alam ku tidak kan lekang oleh waktu. Seindah surga yang menari diatas sana, bersinar bagaikan ORION di tengah kelamnya galaksi. Suasana hati damai tenang menyapa hari makin terasa indah. Pagiku datang membawa sejuta aroma, kesejukan, kekuatan iman, kesempurnaan alam. Matahari tenggelam membawa kegelapan pancarkan gemuruh petir di sana sini, menimbulkan gemericik air diatas sana. Setitik demi setitik semakin deras hujan turun membasahi bumi. Sejam lamanya hujan turun, kulihat di dekat bukit warna warni yang indah di angkasa, hujanpun hilang. MEJIKUHIBINIU, merah, jingga, kuning, hijau, biru, nila dan ungu, terpampang di atas sana menambah keindahan yang dicipta Sang Kuasa.